City Statistics

Community Analysis of Warsaw, IN


County: Kosciusko
County size: 538 sq. mi.
Distance & direction to major cities:
Chicago, IL (NW) 120 miles
Indianapolis, IN (S) 119 miles
South Bend, IN (NW) 50 miles
Ft. Wayne, IN (E) 38 miles


Census Year City County
1970 7,506 48,127
1980 10,647 59,555
1990 10,968 65,294
2000 12,415 74,057
2010 13,559 77,358
2013 14,026 77,997

Metropolitan statistical area: None


Form & organization: City: Elected Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, 7-Member Council for 4-year Terms
Incorporated or unincorporated: Incorporated
Area within city: 12.9 sq. mi.
Annual budget: $20,800,000 (2009)
Primary source of revenue: Taxes & miscellaneous revenue


Total housing units in city: 6,066 (2010 census)
Total housing units in county: 37,038 (2010 census)

Civic and Recreational

Major Civic Organizations
Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Lions Clubs, Optimist Clubs, Rotary, Toast Masters

Main Cultural Attractions
Wagon Wheel Theatre; Warsaw Biblical Gardens; Gardens at Central Park; Jail Museum


2013 Warsaw and Kosciusko County Major Employers

Name Product Employees
Zimmer Orthopaedic Goods 2600
Biomet Orthopaedic Goods 1400
Warsaw Community Schools Public School 1200
DePuy, Inc. Ortopaedic Goods 1100
RR Donnelley Printed Materials 950
Kosciusko Community Hospital Hospital 822
Nautic Global Group Boats 805
Maple Leaf Farms Chicken/Duck Products 750
Medtronic Spinal & Biologics Orthopaedic Goods 650
Wawasee Community Schools Public School 550
CTB, Inc. Farm Feeding Equipment 550
Lake City Bank Financial Services/Banks 550
Paragon Medical, Inc. Surgical Cases 530
Cardinal Services Sheltered Workshop 475
Symmetry Medical Inc. Orthopaedic Goods 525
Dalton Foundries Iron Foundry 450
Milestone Projection Screens 420
Wal-Mart Supercenter Department Store 400
Kosciusko County Government Government 340
The-Papers, Inc. Publishers/Publications 269
Creighton Bros./Crystal Lake LLC Egg Processing 269
Otis R. Bowen Center Conseling/Employee Assistance 215

Source: Indiana Stats

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Learn About First Friday

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Kosciusko County Farmers Market

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Dine Downtown Warsaw

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