Giverny Fitness Studio


Message From Owners

We are NOT a typical gym.

People are pleasantly surprised when they walk into Giverny Fitness Studio. It smells nice and feels inviting. Then they take a tour of the top two floors and are amazed by “big city” loft atmosphere of exposed brick, renovated hardwood floors and Monet paintings. We hear, “Wow! Even the locker room is pretty.” But the decor is only the most visible way we are different.

We are NOT a franchise gym with all of the extras you can find at a gym. No juice bar, no sales people, no saunas, no indoor track, no swimming pool, no contracts. In fact, we don’t even have memberships! Nothing real special in the form of material things – We don’t have “stuff” – We have people.

We have trained instructors and trainers who pour their heart into your fitness! We work with you, are 100% invested in you, and worry about your well-being if we haven’t seen you for a few days. Our warm and welcoming environment has sparked numerous friendships and connections. The supportive instructors and friendly customers make anyone’s worry of ‘fitting in’ or ‘standing out’ fade immediately after the first 15 minutes. Many customers comment that they did not appreciate the high quality of our exercise classes and personal trainers until they traveled on a vacation or business trip, and then discovered just how exceptional Giverny is! If you are looking for a homey, personal, caring fitness experience…look no further.

We ARE who we ARE and we are so proud to be different!

Kelly Britton, ACSM Personal Trainer, MS Occupational Therapy, Co-Owner
Heather Marshall, Co-Owner