Grants & Loans

Available in the C-4 District.


WCDC is affiliated with two grants known as: The Alleyway Improvement Grant and the Facade Grant.

Over the past seven years more than $155,000 in matching grant funds have been distributed through the Facade Grant opportunity. For more information, click on the tab located on the right side of the screen labeled “Facade Grant.”

The second grant offered through WCDC is the Alleyway Improvement Grant. The purpose of the Alleyway Improvement Matching Grant Program is to stimulate efforts to improve the off-street exterior appearance of Downtown Warsaw’s commercial and business façades. The program has been funded by the City of Warsaw and will be administered by the Warsaw Community Development Corporation (WCDC).


The Revolving Loan Program offered by WCDC obtains funds that are provided by area banks and corporations, and are available to WCDC Members for interior and exterior building renovation projects in the Downtown C-4 District. Mortgage funds are not available through this program. With this, the Revolving Loan interest rates are currently set at 75% of NY prime.