Main Street Monday “Features Main Street Warsaw”

Monday, March 4, 2024

This Main Street Monday, we will be going over what exactly Main Street Warsaw is. The mission of Main Street Warsaw is to further encourage the economic development of Warsaw’s Central Business District through investments in people, buildings, businesses, and land. Our vision for what we want to do in the downtown is to help create a thriving and vibrant environment for our downtown. This is accomplished through our diligence in our 4 pillars which all promote Community Transformation: Design, Organization, Promotion, and Economic Vitality. Main Street Warsaw works to design innovative ways to promote downtown as well as new events. We also promote downtown as a whole by promoting individual businesses and having events that promote downtown as a whole. We focus on economic vitality through two different programs: Façade Grants and Revolving Loans. Façade Grants are in conjunction with the City of Warsaw and have generated more than $2.1 million in investments and improvements to the businesses in the C-4 district. Revolving Loans is a way that Main Street Warsaw offers a low-interest Revolving Loan Program. The funds are provided by local banks and corporations and are available to Main Street Warsaw and Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce members. We also organize events that draw people downtown. In 2023, Main Street Warsaw hosted nine events located right in the heart of Downtown Warsaw. We have loved hosting Third Friday events, and we look forward to the 2024 season! For $75 for an individual or $160 for a business, you can help support Main Street Warsaw and our mission for downtown! If you are interested in becoming a supporter, visit!