“Main Street Monday” Features The Kosciusko County Courthouse

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

We’re back with another Main Street Monday! This time we are featuring the heart of downtown, The Courthouse.

The Kosciusko County Courthouse not only provides a beautiful center for downtown, but it also houses many services for Kosciusko County including auditors, treasurer, area planning, accessors, recorder, HR, surveyor, health department, and county administration. Everyone who works at The Courthouse enjoys the downtown atmosphere and all the events that happen near them, including Third Fridays. They also pay homage to veterans in many ways including taking care of Theresa the Tank, having a green light on a lamppost, having a cannon, taking care of the war memorial, and keeping the American flags flying. If you want to learn more about The Courthouse, they can set you up on a tour if you call 574-371-2603.

A huge thank you to The Kosciusko County Courthouse for being a historical landmark and a gathering place that brings our community together! Take a look at some Third Friday photos from the past that feature the Kosciusko County Courthouse.