The Repurpose Room’s New Hours

Monday, June 29, 2015

“We wanted to share our hearts with you and make you aware that the next 6 weeks are going to look different for the repurpose room shoppers and for us!

We have had such heavy hearts as we saw summer approaching and anticipated the balancing act we are forced to play with trying to run the shop and be mommy to our kids. We have prayed constantly for direction and feel God has made it obvious what to do. We don’t want to miss the little things and want to be present with them as we finish up the summer. We watch them grow daily and it kills us that our minds can’t be completely focused on them. We were mommies first and when we decided to take on this adventure we always said family would be first. We know so many of you will understand because it’s a common struggle between us all.

Starting this week we will be closed through Thursday August 13th and details will come soon about our big event coming that weekend to kick us back off!

If you have custom pieces waiting to be done we will of course finish them and be in touch with you soon!
Don’t forget we are at Indiana Antique Mall as well! We will be replenishing and switching pieces out you can still shop 7 days a week!

THANK YOU for helping us make the repurpose room what it is..we are so proud and honored to have so many of you as friends and supporters! We hope your day is wonderful..and will welcome any extra prayers as we follow our hearts and dive into our kids this summer” xoxo Amie & Leslie