The Healing Road


We are a Faith Based Practice located in Warsaw, Indiana. We follow and believe the teachings of the Bible and believe that God has set us free through the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus, and by raising Him up on the third day. We also respect where others are in their walk of life, and understand that not everyone will follow our beliefs. We believe it is important to state that we are Faith Based. We will work with anyone no matter their beliefs and let them lead their own journey on the road of their own healing.

The Healing Road LLC believes that Life is an adventure and there are times our journey takes us through rough roads, scary situations, or causes us to feel stress and despair. Each person is on their own journey in life, and not everyone is able to navigate through the crossroads of life on their own.

We believe that the road to healing is not always an easy journey. The journey can have its ups and downs, and can take us back down hard paths. It is a road that one must chose to travel. The Healing Road LLC will teach you the tools to help cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. These coping skills will equip you to travel your own healing road, gain control over your life, and set you on a path that is more rewarding.

We are here and ready to walk with you.

Our Purpose 

The purpose of The Healing Road LLC is to provide quality and affordable counseling and consulting services to the Kosciusko community and people throughout Indiana. We understand that life can be difficult and people can lose their way. That is why the road to healing is so important. People do not have to stay in a place of fear and confusion. They can begin their journey and we can be here to walk with them on the road to healing.

Mission Statement

To bring healing and restore hope to those that have been hurt by life’s transgressions, and equip them with tools to build confidence and strength.