Main Street Monday: Buffalo Street Emporium

Monday, September 25, 2023


The first place Molly & Mackenzie took on for Main Street Monday was the Buffalo Street Emporium & Books! As the owner, Cindy Dobbins, would describe it, they have “a little bit of everything”.


One part of the store is the coffee shop. Right now, they have their fall flavors as well as old favorites, but stay tuned because their Christmas flavors will be coming in October! They have over 60 flavors you can choose from with over 20 of them being decaf. Their beans are also Swiss Water-roasted which means it isn’t roasted with all the chemicals normal coffee beans are. The beans are also air roasted which helps them to be less bitter. They will also grind your beans however you would like them to whether that be espresso, Keurig, or pour-over. They will also do special grinds if you want ½ one flavor and ½ of another for example half regular and half decaf or whatever combination you want! One special thing the store does is supply the Happy Beans Coffee Co. at Jefferson Elementary School with coffee beans.


Another part of this store is chocolates. You can either go in and pick out what ones you want, or you can do large custom orders by calling or emailing! The other big part of the store is the books. They have a combination of both new and used books. As an ex-teacher, Cindy also loves to encourage reading and will even give kids treats for getting a book to help encourage them to keep reading.


One way Buffalo Street Emporium caters to the downtown businesses is through offering office supplies. If you are ever downtown and in need of some office materials, make sure to stop in the Buffalo Street Emporium & Books to get all your supplies.


Thank you so much to Cindy Dobbins and Buffalo Street Emporium & Books for agreeing to be our first feature of Main Street Monday. Make sure to stop by the Buffalo Street Emporium & Books located at 116 S. Buffalo Street.