“Main Street Monday” with Glam

Thursday, October 26, 2023

The next place Molly and Mackenzie took on for “Main Street Monday” was Glam! Glam is a boutique in downtown Warsaw that has been there for 10 years! Their goal is to be able to give you big city fashion with the big city shopping experience. They try to really connect with you and get to know you better to help you find items to buy. The owner, Michelle Hansen, hand picks all the items and keeps in mind what the customers want to see. They also have all the accessories that you’ll need to perfectly style your outfit with things like shoes, jewelry, hats, and purses. One part that many people don’t know about Glam is that the upstairs is also part of the boutique. When you go up there, you’ll find your trendier items including graphic tees, denim, and more. Another really great thing about Glam is that they are very involved in the community and love to give back to it! One really big thing coming up for Glam is their Annual Gala, this Thursday October 26, that serves as a tribute for the Smith Strong Foundation. The gala changes drastically every year, but this year it will be held in the street in front of the store, and the theme is “Gala in the City!” They use their own staff and clients as the models for their fashion show part, and the main goal of the event is to celebrate small business and bring together the community. Thank you to Glam for being our “Main Street Monday” feature! Make sure to stop by and shop from their wide variety of options!