Main Street Monday: SRKM Architecture

Monday, November 13, 2023

he next place Molly and Mackenzie took on for “Main Street Monday” was the SKRM Architecture! They are an architectural firm right in downtown Warsaw. The firm was created in 2014 when Brent and Jeff merged their firms. They work on historical locations and multifamily homes as well as helping with projects that focus on things like housing for low-income seniors, assisted living, and homeless veterans. They do a large variety of different projects, and lots of their business is repeat business, but if you are interested in them working on a project for you, you can go their website and email them about it. They love what they do and always getting to meet new people and work on new projects. They also serve as a community resource and work with the building department to help fix home issues and get them up to code. SKRM Architecture is very involved in the community and downtown. When you walk downtown, you’ll be able to see many renovations they did including the interior and exterior of Lake City Bank, One Ten, and The Vic. They also help with Habitat for Humanity. Another way they support downtown is that Brent has served on the Main Street Warsaw board for 5 years. Other projects they do include lake house renovations and expansions and residential infill to take gappy neighborhoods and fill them with houses that fit the aesthetic. If you have a renovation you want to do, make sure to check out SKRM Architecture! Thank you to SKRM Architecture for being one of our “Main Street Monday” features!