Get to Know Bob and Ida List

Friday, October 18, 2019



Meet Bob and Ida List! Bob List first discovered his passion for photography at a young age. When he was a teenager, his family went on vacation to Connecticut to visit his uncle, who had a darkroom. It was on this vacation that Bob fell in love with spending time working in the darkroom. He soon started taking photos and began developing them on his own. Though he loved photography, when the time came for Bob to enter the workforce, he worked in a factory for about 10 years before deciding to open a studio of his own. On his oldest daughter’s first birthday, in 1982, Bob opened his first studio in North Webster.

Soon after, Bob decided to accept a position working for a local camera store to operate their portrait studios before opening a studio at his current location in downtown Warsaw. Bob fondly remembers photographing a wedding he and his wife, Ida were also guests at. Ida didn’t know anyone else at the wedding, so she stayed with Bob while he was taking photos of the couple. She noticed things like the bride’s dress needing to be re-positioned and other small details that would make the photos even better, so she decided to point them out to Bob. Bob appreciated her eye for detail and they have worked together ever since.

Bob has been a professional photographer for over 37 years. He has received many awards during those years from Michiana Professional Photographers and Professional Photographers of Indiana and has also served on the board of both organizations. Bob received a Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America as a professional portrait photographer. Through all the years, his goal has always been to help his clients enjoy the love and beauty in every member of their family.

Bob loves being located downtown because of the publicity and the great community. He really enjoys the building he is in because of the architecture and placement. He appreciates all the events that are held downtown and how safe and welcoming the community is. Bob and Ida run their business by the motto of treating others like you would like to be treated. They feel as if the community has treated them with great love. Bob has created countless portraits that decorate the walls of many families in our community and is grateful for the opportunity to play a small part preserving those memories of a lifetime.

We love having Bob and Ida as a part of our downtown!