Get to Know Kelly Britton

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Meet Kelly Britton! Helping others is an important part of Kelly’s job. She shares a story about a woman who has an auto-immune disorder, and could barely make it up the stairs because she was in so much pain. After attending Kelly’s classes, her numbers have completely reversed and maintained. She said that exercise has saved her life.

Kelly Britton is an ACSM personal trainer and owner of Giverny Fitness Studio in downtown Warsaw. Kelly attended Warsaw Community High School and furthered her education at Indiana University in Bloomington. At the time, she was unsure about what she wanted to do, but she was passionate about health. She would go on to get a health and science degree, and move to Connecticut where she lived for two years. She worked at an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) where she discovered that she wanted to do more than just the business aspect of health. She later moved back to the hoosier state and landed in Fishers, Indiana where her aunt inspired her to become an Occupational Therapist (OT). Kelly decided to go back to school and received her masters as an OT, and worked in the field until she decided to stay home with her kids. Kelly and her husband have three children, Ben, a junior at Taylor University, Spencer, a freshman at Wheaton College, and Peri, a sophomore at Warsaw Community High School. As her kids grew up, Kelly wanting to do more and get out of the house, so she started taking exercise classes at the YMCA. While taking classes, she realized that she could start teaching these classes with her health background and knowledge. She and her family moved back to Warsaw to be closer to family and Kelly brought Zumba and Body Sculpt to the Warsaw area, In 2009, along with the help of her sister in law, Missy Cook, Giverny Fitness Studios was created.

Giverny offers easy access to exercise equipment, no membership necessary, on going classes daily, as well as a fitness center and a personal coach program. The employees at Giverny all care about their clients, and have a very genuine love for everyone who walks through their door. The humble and creative employees are also passionate about exercise. Kelly says that a common misconception about exercise is that people believe they have to get in shape before going into a fitness studio, Kelly could not disagree more. The reality is, once you walk into Giverny, you immediately know that you are in a healthy, judge-free environment.

An interesting aspect of health that Kelly offers is Ki-hara. Ki-hara is an effective resistive stretching exercise. Only two people in the state of Indiana are certified to teach Ki-hara and Kelly is one of the two. The highly trained instructors at Giverny are there to support you. One of Kelly’s main goals for Giverny is for them to educate people on how to exercise safely.

Kelly enjoys her building in downtown Warsaw because it offers a big city feel in small town Indiana. Her spacious building included 3 studio rooms, as well as a locker room.

Thank you, Kelly and Giverny for investing in Warsaw. We love having you as a part of our downtown community!